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February 9, 2012

Preparation time:  30 mins.

8 servings

This recipe is courtesy of Mrs Ruby’s Kitchen






4 cups brown rice

3 one pound bags mixed vegetables

1 medium green bell pepper

1 medium red bell pepper

2 medium onions

1 or 2 large turkey or beef sausage links

Black pepper

Soy sauce

Garlic salt


  1. Add 1 -2 cap full(s) of extra virgin olive oil—making certain that the bottom of the pan is coated.  Turn the burner stove top on medium heat.
  2. Add 3 one pound bags mixed veggies. Stir with wooden spoon as a metal spoon will become too hot in your hand  while stirring.

3. Slice turkey or beef sausage links in half, slice up each half &   stir with vegetables.

4. Slice 1 red and 1 green bell pepper along with 2 onions. Fresh veggies add color to any dish. After putting extra virgin olive oil in a wok or frying pan, sauté these veggies until golden brown, then add them to the veggie and sausage pot.  Stir & let simmer 15 mins on medium to low heat.

 5. Season veggies & meat with soy sauce, garlic salt, black pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. Mrs. Ruby can cook y’all!

6.  In a separate pot, boil 3 ½ cups water. Next, add rice. Stir & cover till the rice looks fluffy as fluffiness indicates it is fully cooked. Doesn’t this look delicious enough to eat already?

7. Serve with rice on the base of the plate and cover with the veggie & sausage mix on top. Enjoy your stir fry surprise!



February 7, 2012

Wild Growth Hair Oil & Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil

***Watch for pictures of my thinning edges & bald spots at the end of this post***

Let me know if these steps work for you!

Step 1: Mix 1 part oil with 6 parts distilled water in a spray bottle. Extra virgin olive oil is preferred; yes, the same stuff you cook with from the grocery store…he he (I use Moroccan oil). Do not use tap water as tap water contains mineral deposits that build up residue on the hair. Shake this mixture up as oil and water do not mix.

Step 2: Spray the mixture of oil and water on your entire head of hair twice (remember to spray the ends, strands, and scalp). Applying this allows for your fingers to more easily glide through your hair; you should now loosen any knots in your hair.

Step 3: Touch your hair by using your fingers to feel where baldness is occurring in your scalp. When touching your scalp, feel for areas where your hair is thinner compared to other areas of your hair. Feel for areas where you make direct contact with your scalp without touching any hair; this is the sign of a bald spot existing.

Step 4: Use your fingers to section the hair while making all bald or thinning hair areas clearly visible. Twist the sections of hair. Twisting is recommended instead of braiding to allow you to more easily take the hair down when you get ready to wash your hair.

Step 5: Now that your balding and thinning hair areas are clearly visible, massage Wild Growth Hair Oil into the scalp in three sections for two minutes per section: top, middle, and back section of hair. You may apply excess oil from your fingertips onto your hair strands and ends of hair.

Step 6: Apply a light amount of castor oil, shea butter, or 100% pure coconut oil to the scalp, strands, and roots of your hair in order to seal in the moisture from the oil and water applied to the hair. Doing this will prevent breakage and hair dryness. If your hair is not breaking off from dryness, you will retain hair growth and length.


You may spray the hair with water again before applying castor oil, shea butter, or 100% pure coconut if the hair is not moist enough; you must touch your hair to determine this. If the hair does not look and feel moist, it more than likely is not.

Other Products Mentioned That I Use:

Moroccan Oil & Distilled Water A mixture of Moroccan oil and distilled water. Check out for more information. I will write an article about the benefits of Moroccan at a later date.

Coconut oil & Shea butter
Go to and At first, I called Cococare by the name Cococure like the Maxwell song…lol!

My Bald Spots & Thinning Hair!!! (Don’t Laugh…lol):

Yes, I have a bald letter “W” in the back of my head. No, I did not have this letter cut out with clippers. If so, I probably would have cut more than that since I’m not a pro at it. These two pictures were taken January 15, 2012.

Bald area at the top. My hair started thinning here so much that a woman in a beauty supply store gave me free products to try stimulating hair growth (never used it though for concern that more would fall out).

Thinning hair edges mostly from wearing a headset when talking on the phone…never again. This picture was taken October 15, 2011.

Now compare the above picture with this one taken one month later (see the difference?):

I hope the above pictures of my hair did not scare you:) Here are my most recent pictures taken February 3, 2012. As you can see, my hair has grown some in the areas where my hair had fallen out; this is after using Wild Growth Hair Oil and castor oil with the above steps.

Yes, I realize that I still have a ways to go before I am 100% bald-free. Keep checking back with me as I update you on my progress.