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Hi, my name is Mara J. and I decided to get down to the “root” problem of why my hair was not growing at the rate that it should. Do you feel this way about your own hair? In the past, I tried everything but the kitchen sink; now it’s time to develop real techniques that are going to work. My hair is natural, and as all of you with natural hair already know, it’s a challenge to get it growing when you initially decide to go this route. Still, I am quite enjoying my natural hair journey as I discover various techniques to care for my hair. As I develop these techniques, I will surely share them with all of you as well as other artsy stuff like beauty and photography. There’s no reward if you can’t have fun with me! Check in with me by clicking the Sign Me Up! button for updated postings to this blog; your comments are most appreciated. I will be making progress, so don’t forget to check for the soon-to-come store.


This blog is about me taking risks towards my perfecting what I enjoy doing creatively in hair care, beauty, and photography. Creativity is not something that should be kept to oneself. I want to share my creative ideas with all of you; this is the beginning of the kindle part of Root Kindle. Kindle means light and root means an anchor or base. My intention is to bring light to subjects of interest to anyone visiting this blog. By doing this, I hope that we can all come together as a strong root base to share and learn from our successes. So, the next time you come to Root Kindle, bring a friend so they can share their ideas with everybody too!


Root Kindle believes in supporting a good cause. When you make a purchase at our online store, a percentage of proceeds are privately donated towards those in need of charity. All purchases are greatly appreciated.

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